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Live it up in LoHi at Line28 – New Apartments in Denver

Line28 at LoHi – where Denver lives in full color. Tan. All year, on the all-season roof deck. Yellow polka-dot bikini. Splish splash in the pool. Twinkle. The night lights of downtown Denver. Graham cracker porter at Denver Beer Co. and sweet treats at Little Man Ice Cream. Where to begin? Right here at Line28.

Now leasing studio, one- and two-bedroom apartments in Denver’s LoHi neighborhood at the corner of 16th & Boulder.

Read about Line 28 at LoHi's oustanding Green Living programs.


Line 28 at LoHi

1560 Boulder Street, Denver, CO 80211
T: 303-225-7558 Email Us
5.0 stars
(17 reviews)